“I knew I had lost control of my website. I didn’t understand SEO, AdWords, positioning strategies, etc. and I didn’t have the time to attempt to learn. People hire my company for our expertise and I realized I needed to hire a company for their web expertise. My research had Blue Laser landing first, search after search. That was the number one reason for my call to them. They were accommodating to my schedule and in our first meeting, it was demonstrated the many errors of our current website. The decision was made to not only completely rebuild the site but to also incorporate a rebranding strategy that has been implemented across all advertising, apparel, and vehicles. Our business is very seasonal, and their website strategy has been effective to drive site visits in the off-season. The continuing relationship is very “two-way” as I am always involved, and my suggestions are respected. At any time, I would be willing to talk with a potential client of Blue Laser, they are effective! The proof is in my website design and search results.” – Pat Lee (Owner)