Go Geese Go

We Helped Go Geese Go’s Brand Take Flight

When you want your geese gone, you call the experts. Who do the experts call when they want web design and development that will get them new leads? Us, of course. Go Geese Go combined a new website with SEO and content development to dominate the geese removal scene in the Columbus, Ohio area.

  • Brand & Identity
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing

Branding & Identity

When Go Geese Go approached Blue Laser Digital in 2017, they knew they had lost control of their website. Blue Laser Digital made the strategic decision to not only rebuild their website, but to also help them rebrand all of their advertisements, apparel, and vehicles. We designed a new logo for them to use, and we also created new business cards for them. Their business is very seasonal, and the rebrand has been effective in driving site visits during their off-season.

What the Client Brought Us

Go Geese Go came to us with a basic, outdated, and unresponsive website. Go Geese Go is a highly specialized service run by experts, but their website didn’t reflect this. It featured low-quality graphics and unorganized content. And as we mentioned above, the old website also lacked a cohesive brand identity.

What We Accomplished through Website Design & Development

Through website design and development, we created a vivid, well-organized, and responsive website that performs well on any device. We wanted to educate visitors about Go Geese Go’s business and give them the impression that they are dealing with a seasoned professional. With an aesthetic logo, bright colors, and the occasional 3D effect, we were able to bring Go Geese Go’s website to life in a big way.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Go Geese Go is one of our most successful SEO clients. We started conducting search engine optimization for Go Geese Go in 2018, and they’ve seen a 266% increase in organic traffic! Their website went from 548 yearly visits to 2000+ visits per year, which is extremely healthy growth given how niche their business is.

Top ranked in Google for “Goose Removal Central Ohio”

How did we accomplish this, you ask? We started by cleaning up their on-site SEO and navigation, making it extremely easy for both search engines and users to navigate and understand their website content. Then, we developed a content strategy that helped them rank for multiple variations of their “geese removal” keyword. Finally, we cleaned and updated their backlinks and citation profile so that the site takes up several spots in the top results for their target keywords.