We’ve been around since before you knew what email was.
Will Guthrie, Founder and Army Veteran, has a dream of owning his own company and thus Will Wide Web is born
Will hires his first employee
Blue Laser Design is born and we are full speed ahead.
We moved into our very first office in Upper Arlington
We need more space. Here we come to The Continent.
First Digital Marketing client comes aboard to drive conversions in the digital world.
Moved office to the booming Arena District.
Brad “Biz” Ness becomes Will’s Business Coach
Due to our successes, Blue Laser Design grows by 42%, and adds new talent to the team.
Blue Laser Design has its best year ever and celebrates 15 years of awesome!
Blue Laser Design launches its new website to reflect current design and digital marketing trends.
Brad joins the team full time as COO and shareholder.
After 18 years of ownership, Will sells the company to Kimberly Ness.
We are Blue Laser Digital! New Name, New Website, our next chapter into awesomeNESS.

We are excited to reintroduce our company as Blue Laser Digital! It is a company that is continuously improving and growing in the digital world and we think our new name reflects this. We are proud of our team that Brad has selected and that we will continue to build and depend on. Thank goodness for our people because believe us it takes all kinds of individuals that appreciate and value each other to form a strong team that can grow a great company. We have the creative kind, we have the technically-inclined, we have the numbers guy, we have the managing girls, we have the wild, we have the conservative, we have the introverts, and boy oh boy, we have the extroverts. We have the early risers and the stay-up-laters, the go-getters, the laid back, we have the young, and us, and everything in between. Together, we are BLUE LASER DIGITAL (BLD for short).

We have who you need to get what you want. We believe that our unique mix of talent, personality and energy goes into all of our work. Just like you, your project is one-of-a-kind. We take the time to listen to our customer to learn who you are, what you do, where you are, what you want to say and to whom you want to say it to. From there, we can take the reins and take you to where you want it to go. Let us hear your voice, so that together, we will create, transform and amplify your message through digital strategies.

Let us help you achieve your desired results, whatever they may be…ROI, more customers, greater recognition, or reputation management. We work transparently. There’s a lot going on at BLUE LASER DIGITAL. From analyzing data and numbers, strategizing, creating new marketing campaigns, tweaking current ones, writing code, checking out new platforms, and keeping up with trends. We not only design websites, we are a digital marketing agency that offers results-driven services for our customers that understand and appreciate the value of using digital marketing to connect and convert with their target audience. Because not only are we pretty; we are pretty smart. We are BLUE LASER DIGITAL.


Brad & Kimberly Ness, Owners

We're Legit