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Capital Choice Office Furniture Case Study

About the project


Capital Choice Office Furniture takes the average workspace and transforms it into the ideal office environment. By offering quality office furniture and office design services, they provide a unique, all-encompassing solution for industries ranging from construction to healthcare and beyond.

But something was missing. The desire for people to know their name and stand out amongst competitors became a necessity. With one of the largest showrooms in Columbus, we needed to identify the best way to sell not only their inventory but how to advertise the brand as a whole.


The Challenge

After 15 years of growth, Capital Choice Office Furniture struggled with placing their advertising on the right online channels. With businesses like Staples and Office Depot selling the same product, the business found it difficult to be the first choice for customers despite having a better product and service.

Working off of a pre-existing mobile campaign, our team leveled-up the entire digital marketing strategy by identifying the best-paid media channels for ad placement that helped put the brand in front of the right audiences.




Google Ads Network, HubSpot

The Answer

Knowing Capital Choice Office Furniture already had a mobile-friendly website, we strategized and launched several campaigns directing traffic to the highest converting web pages. In addition to their already-running mobile campaign, we maximized conversions via branded search campaigns, competitor campaigns, and dynamic search campaigns.

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Engagement and brand awareness skyrocketed. The new campaigns and improved mobile campaign boosted conversions, impressions, and clicks while decreasing overall cost-per-conversion by 38%.

Not only did the client see an increase in web traffic and lead generation, but also foot traffic in their showroom. We kept tabs on performance statistics to further optimize the campaigns.

After reviewing numbers pre-campaigns and post-campaigns, the client saw a 178% increase in conversions and over 18,600 more impressions.

With the right digital marketing strategy in place, Capital Choice Office Furniture found its online advertising niche.



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