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Airlite Plastics Product Catalog Case Study

About the project


Airlite Plastics is an innovative and record-making brand that produces nearly two billion molded units each year, specializing in customized solutions for injection molded packaging. The brand offers both its own suite of decorating options and proprietary product design. The company needed a product brochure that lived up to its own standards of beautiful, timeless, and polished design in order to engage their audience in new ways, earning new clients.

Blue Laser Digital utilized Airlite Plastics’ already established and proven print process to create a product brochure that connects its audience emotionally, inspires new customers, and brings joy to loyal clients.


The Problem

While Airlite Plastics has a long history of creating new, unique, and innovative products, the brand’s product brochure design felt out of date, lacking inspiration and vision. Blue Laser’s team of experts was challenged to transform the drab brochure into something exciting, and something that would give Airlite Plastics a competitive edge to win over new and returning clients.

The existing eight-panel brochure contained useful information, but it was exhaustive, unattractive, and read more like a user manual than a meaningful tool in Airlite Plastics’ sales team’s toolbox. It no longer reflected the Airlite Plastics brand, nor the warmth of the team.

Airlite Plastics containers


Catalog Design, Creative Direction, Print Design, Photo Shoot, Photo Retouching, Compositing, and Manipulation

Print Specs

Digital Proofs and Prints, Sappi McCoy 100Lb. Silk Cover/100Lb. Silk Text, 36-pages, Full-Color CMYK with PMS Spot Color, Print run: 500

Blue Laser worked with us over the span of several months and numerous iterations to make sure we ended up with a product (brochure) that we were more than satisfied with. No request was too small and they worked hand in hand with Airlite to create a marketing piece truly tailored toward our target audience. I see this brochure being a useful tool for our sales team for years to come.

Airlite Plastics Marketing Manager Michele Stokes

Airlite Plastics Catalog
Airlite Plastics Print Brochure
Airlite Plastics Print Brochure
Airlite Plastics Print Brochure
Airlite Plastics Print Brochure
Airlite Plastics Print Brochure
Airlite Plastics Print Brochure

The Answer

Their original brochure design was not an accurate reflection of Airlite Plastics’ current work, but the brand’s current plastic containers were. So, the Blue Laser team pored over existing inventory to get a feel for the current production. Blue Laser’s professionals also watched Airlite Plastics’ printing process, which includes a dry offset, in-mold label, and “The Look,” only to find that the brand turns out eye-catching merchandise that looks just as stunning on shelves.

The Blue Laser team used this inspiration to design a catalog that accurately displayed Airlite Plastics’ caliber. We showcased their products in real-world environments – not against cold, isolated backdrops but in the settings in which customers really encounter them. These surroundings mirrored the vibrant imagery, meticulous detail, and timeless design Airlite Plastics is known for. We didn’t ditch the important data altogether, however. Rather than taking up valuable real estate on the brochure with a laundry list of every minute detail, we leveraged the key pieces that describe container sizes, volumes, and diameters – important numbers that clients need to know.

Existing lifestyle photography of Airlite Plastics’ products showcased them in various angles and set under various lighting. Rather than forcing this photography to fit into our new brochure, we conducted our own photo shoot to create a cohesive, beautiful, and truly authentic brochure print design.

Airlite Plastics Broccoli

The Results

Upon delivering the final product to the sales team and client, our partners at Airlite Plastics were thrilled. Thanks to Blue Laser’s close partnership with the client, the project was completed in a timely fashion and exceeded the client’s expectations, and Airlite Plastics quickly distributed the brochure to potential clients.

We even got wind that the brochures were so sought after that Airlite Plastics’ sales team has resorted to begging and stealing to get some copies back!

Airlite Stella Cheese
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