OCN ConnectedCare™ Branding and Marketing Case Study

About the Project


OCN ConnectedCare™ is a Managed Health as a Service organization, doing more than just introducing technological innovations that improve our products and services. They provide end-to-end solutions for exceptional healthcare delivery that has a tangible impact on society, enabling patients, their clinician’s, and pharmacists to lead better, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

So when it came to building their brand already had created the beginnings of a brand identity and were now looking to elevate their brand and presence within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. As OCN ConnectedCare™ continued their primary work of providing end-to-end solutions for exceptional healthcare plan delivery, they realized the needed to share their story more broadly so that they could deeply connect with more people in the industry.

Here’s how we helped OCN ConnectedCare™ transform a big branding idea into a substantial element they could leverage to both gain investors and win new business.


The Challenge

In the highly competitive healthcare space filled with legacy providers and new startups that seem to emerge every month, OCN ConnectedCare™ needed a way to not only stand out, but to also reach potential investors in a meaningful way.

While OCN ConnectedCare™ had the start of a visual brand identity, they struggled to communicate with their audiences in a way that truly captured the essence of who they are, what they represent, and how their goals and objectives will seamlessly connect patients to more accessible, affordable and high-quality care. They needed the tools that could communicate their story, their guiding principles, along with providing investors a picture of how the brand itself is organized.


Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Architecture, Logo Design, Copywriting, User Experience, Interactive Design, Web Development, SEO, Digital Marketing


Brand Book Print Specs

Digital Proofs and Prints, Sappi McCoy 100Lb. Silk Cover/100Lb. Silk Text, 60-pages, Full-Color CMYK with PMS Spot Colors, Print run: 50

We have heavily utilized the brand book developed by Blue Laser and it has been a pivotal tool that we have used to elevate our organization as a whole. In a business model that is beyond complex, it has captured the essence of our business and brands better than we could previously elaborate to both current partners but also investors.

OCN ConnectedCare™ Marketing and eCommerce Manager Alec Slusser

OCN ConnectedCare Office Walking

The Answer

Knocking out three birds with one stone, the answer was simple: design a brand book and capture key components including the purpose, brand architecture, and color palette using an innovative, yet clear design.

We couldn’t lose sight of the patient’s best interest, which is why the book would elaborate on the processes and methods in place that created a stronger connection to the patient’s entire care team (clinician, pharmacist, specialist, etc.).


Communicating the Difference

We first began by interviewing key stakeholders, and using the information shared as a springboard for the brand story. As interviews concluded, this story evolved-setting them ahead of the competition.


Guiding Principles and Voice

The brand book itself became a roadmap to understanding the organization’s wiring. Everything from detailing guiding principles, communication strategies, tone of voice, and how to stay on message were broken down and rearranged into consumable, beautiful content.

Establishing Brand Architecture

The second third of the book exhibits their brand architecture. We described their house of healthcare brands, organized each product and service into an easily understandable hierarchy, demonstrated how various products and services relate to one another, and established a brand prioritization for investment.


Using Visuals to Illustrate Brand Identity

The third and final section features their visual identity using state-of-the-art craft and design techniques including branding must-haves such as the logo, logo design system, and acceptable icon libraries.

OCN ConnectedCare Brand Book page 1
OCN ConnectedCare Brand Book page 2
OCN ConnectedCare Brand Book page 3
OCN ConnectedCare Brand Book page 4
OCN ConnectedCare Brand Book page 5
OCN ConnectedCare Brand Book page 6
OCN ConnectedCare Brand Book page 7
OCN ConnectedCare Brand Book page 8
OCN ConnectedCare Brand Book page 9
OCN ConnectedCare Brand Book page 10
OCN ConnectedCare Brand Book page 11
OCN ConnectedCare Brand Book page 12

Logo Design System

OCN ConnectedCare logoOCN Health In Motion logoOCN CareDirect logoOCN ERxDirect Logo

OCN THE APP logoOCN Optimized CareSpace logoOCN Connected Health Hub logoOCN ClearPrice Rx logo


Over the course of our several month story-driven brand engagement, we forced ourselves to continue to think in bigger and bigger terms to truly make the entire design experience an epic form of communication and a wonderful tool to win investors and new business.


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