Sakura Wagyu Farms

Sakura Wagyu Farms Case Study

About the project

Fresh Brand. Fresh Beef. A Fresh, High-End Perspective of “Down on the Farm”

We rolled out the red carpet for one of the top names in beef. With logo design, branding, web design, and brochure design, we brought this high-end Wagyu beef brand to life.

Branding & Identity

Blue Laser Digital was able to build the Sakura Wagyu Farms brand from the ground up by designing their logo, brochures, and website. We sat down with the beef experts at Sakura Wagyu Farms to learn the deep history and origin of the Wagyu breed from Japan. By learning more about what makes them unique, we were able to take their scattered ideas about who they wanted to be and translate them into a website that will grow with them.



Sakura Wagyu Farms logo

What We Accomplished through Website Design & Development

Through website design and development, we were able to establish the Sakura Wagyu Farms brand and create a mouth-watering online experience that not only educates their audience, but stirs up a hefty appetite for some amazing Wagyu beef. The sophisticated look and feel captures the farm to fork appeal Sakura Wagyu Farms is all about.

Sakura Wagyu Farms accomplishment

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