PPC Marketing Services in Columbus, Ohio

Paid digital marketing brings your marketing goals to life in real time across the buying journey and supporting new business acquisition goals in measurable ways across a myriad of online platforms.

Pay Per Click

Paid Digital Marketing

Growing a brand organically can be difficult and takes time. But paid marketing can get your service or product in front of potential, qualified customers quickly and cost-effectively.

How Paid Digital Ads Help Grow Your Brand

Search ads place your ad in front of people who are actively searching for services and products you offer, whereas display ads spur greater awareness of your brand and product offerings.

Blue Laser Digital will help you expand your brand’s online visibility with a paid digital maketing plan that takes into account a wide variety of factors, but most importantly focuses on your company’s growth goals.

Can Paid Digital Marketing Work For Me?

Paid digital marketing may seem confusing and expensive at first, but when done well, it’s one of the most Cost-Effective Forms Of Client Acquisition. This is true for our national clients as well as our local Columbus clients. The results are highly trackable which means we know what’s working and where improvement and optimization are needed and can make those adjustments quickly. You will be able to see the direct result of your investment as we identify trends, optimize active campaigns and expand into new opportunities.

If you’re thinking of making a change because your current digital marketing campaigns aren’t performing as well as you’d like, Blue Laser Digital will perform a full audit of your paid marketing efforts as well as your onsite and offsite SEO, online presence, and your website experience to determine where improvements can be made.

Because Blue Laser Digital takes this holistic approach, we are able to make recommendations surrounding not only the best channels to reach your target market but how you can also improve the health of your overall online presence. We will work within your budget to come up with a plan that is both profitable and efficient.

How We Tailor Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Blue Laser Digital creates a holistic marketing plan unique to every client, to determine the best way to reach your target audiences.

Studies find digital marketing to be most effective when potential customers See Your Ads In Multiple Places, getting in front of online users in a strategic, yet repetitive manner. This helps get their attention while promoting and connecting them to your brand across a variety of channels.

Digital marketing presents a range of opportunities for these touchpoints. We will help you determine the best options to fit your product, target audience, and your budget.

Our process includes:

  • Audit of past marketing efforts
  • Planning & strategy session to determine goals and ideal channels
  • Creation & review of your campaigns, to gather your feedback and make any necessary changes before launch
  • Initial campaign launch
  • Analysis & optimization of your campaign each month
  • Transparent, monthly reporting, focused on performance, work completed and the next steps in your on-going optimization


  • Search (text)
  • Shopping ads
  • Display
  • Remarketing
  • Gmail
  • Video
  • Rich media experiences
  • Streaming audio ads
  • Google Ad Grants
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