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From high-end web solutions to web applications and eCommerce development, your domain deserves a framework wired for results.

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All-Encompassing Website Development Solutions

Start controlling how the world sees your brand with website development your target audience will love.

 We are a full-service website development company servicing the Columbus, Ohio area and beyond. As experts in languages like HTML5 and Javascript, we’ll handle writing the code that turns leads into sales. Using cutting edge technology, our front and back-end web developers deliver a website that functions seamlessly and communicates effectively with your audience. No matter if you’re in need of mobile development, SEO enhancement, or a new website altogether, Blue Laser Digital offers tailored web development services based on your unique industry needs and goals.

Mobile Development

Search engines like Google prioritize websites that are built with mobile users in mind. Mobile development ensures that anyone using your website on their phone will not only have a pleasant experience, but they will have a higher chance of turning into customers. We have experienced developers that are on the front lines of technology and mobile development, so you can be sure your website surpasses industry standards.

Why Do I Need Web Development?

Your new website goes through 2 stages of production: design and development. Website Design is how your new site will look. Website Development brings it to life and makes it function. We pride ourselves on being experts in both areas to provide you with a seamless start-to-finish process. Whether you have an experienced marketing team or own a small Columbus business with limited knowledge, we can work with you to accomplish all of your goals and make your website work for you.

What to Expect From Website Development

We involve you in every step of our process. From the beginning stages, we listen and understand your business and your goals. Transparency is one of our top priorities. We ditch the industry buzz words and focus on helping you understand how your website will work for your business. Once we have a plan and a design in place, we go into development. You can view progress through our working website previews so that you can feel confident you are getting exactly what you need. Once your website is complete, we run a thorough check to make sure your SEO and other related items are taken care of. We also create, customize, and install your Google Analytics account to ensure you can track the success of your new website. Once everything has passed our inspections and your approval, your new website is ready to launch!

Once your website is ready for launch, we prepare you for the future. Our team provides hands-on training to help you understand how to make quick edits to your site. Whether you have seasonal sales or business updates, we build our websites so that you can do these tasks yourself. Need to make more robust edits? We’ve got you covered. We have website maintenance plans available to help with updates that require more heavy lifting.

Once we’ve launched your website, talk to us about how to increase your traffic and leads through digital marketing.

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