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Hofbräuhaus brings the world together through their German bier, food, and pub experience. With breweries and restaurants in Columbus, Newport, and Pittsburgh, family and friends can unite around cold pints and traditions that make Hofbräuhaus famous.

Like any successful brand, they began experiencing growing pains. Their blossoming reputation demanded a stronger online presence. Hofbräuhaus came to us seeking a strategy that could manage their websites and discover the means to build user engagement.


The Challenge

While Hofbräuhaus has three locations, each with their own website, they were struggling to remain fully operational. When their websites were operational, the lack of a good content strategy combined with a poor user experience (UX) unnecessarily caused people to be frustrated and disengaged.

For Hofbräuhaus, authentic user engagement and experience is a key asset to achieving success. In addition to the website development needs, we focused on their location-based Google My Business (GMB) pages to offer consistent messaging between locations, increase user engagement, and promote events.


Digital Marketing, Creative Direction, User Experience, Interactive Design, Prototypes, Web Development


Live Performance and Security Monitoring


Website Hosting, Website and Server Optimization

The Answer

The foundation of our strategy revolved around the websites. We migrated all three to a new hosting provider with a dedicated server for centralized control. From there, each website was optimized for site speed and overall performance. Using a well thought out user experience and content strategy, providing creative direction for visual design and using restaurant/brewery digital marketing trends, we were able to show off each Hofbräuhaus location under one strong brand.

We further analyzed each GMB profile based on the restaurant industry requirements and rules of thumb. A few enhancements included updated service listings, adding menus, and fact checking content for optimized UX. As an added touch, we also began posting featured content on each GMB page to engage those browsing for their next bier or bite to eat.

Hofbräuhaus Dessert Bier


Faster websites optimized user engagement. Because we decreased the average page file size, each of the three websites load faster instantaneously getting people whatever information they were looking for.

YoY GMB engagement also saw an increase in numbers. Each location not only had more impressions and clicks, but YoY discovery searchers rose an average of 163%.

Diving into location specifics, people seeking directions to Hofbräuhaus Columbus increased 26% while their discovery searches went up 217%. The Newport location page saw phone call actions increase by 41%. Finally, the Pittsburgh page had direction actions go up 27% with a 21% increase in phone call actions.

Hofbräuhaus online presence has become that of integrity and easy navigation. Each website exists as its own hub where bier lovers can learn about the German traditions served with each glass. To keep the conversation going, the improved GMB profiles offer additional information like menus, services, and events for all ages.

Because we streamlined how the world engages with Hofbräuhaus, they continue to reap the benefits of a strong digital footprint for each location.

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