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When it comes to perfecting the employee health experience, Health In Motion Network™ is establishing an entirely new paradigm. As part of the OCN Connected Care™ house of brands, they unite both employers and employees with personalized healthcare plans based on their unique needs.

Everyone needs healthcare, but not the same kind of healthcare. What the client had was a communication gap between themselves and their desired audiences and investors. You see, they use a system that not only makes healthcare more affordable, but also more accessible. In revolutionizing the industry, they needed guidance with their digital experience, which is why they turned to the expertise in digital and design strategy the Blue Laser team offers.


The Challenge

Health In Motion Network™ possessed the dynamite model, but they needed help getting people to talk about it. After recently reinventing the image of their parent brand, OCN Connected Care™, we saw an opportunity to understand how our client helped businesses struggling with U.S. healthcare.

The problem our client faced was using the right messaging to shine amongst new startups. What solutions did their superior healthcare model have that competitors didn’t? Why was this the better option for the American workforce? How do they stand out?

These were the solutions we incorporated into the branding, design, and web development. The only course of action that made sense was to put not just their business, but the way they do business, on a pedestal for both clients and investors to see.


Creative Direction, User Experience, Interactive Design, Web Development, Branding, Copywriting, Illustration


HTML, JavaScript


Health In Motion - 43 Percent Prefer Urgent Care

Health In Motion Network Laptop

User Experience Designs

Health In Motion Wireframe HomeHealth In Motion Wireframe SolutionsHealth In Motion Wireframe Solutions 2Health In Motion Wireframe Contact

Visual Designs

Health In Motion Website HomeHealth In Motion Website SolutionsHealth In Motion Website EmployerHealth In Motion Website Contact


Health In Motion Prescription TransparencyHealth In Motion 5 Percent of Employee PopulationsHealth In Motion A Proactive Consumer

The Answer

After learning about their unique approach, the mission shifted to building something as worthy as the client to tell their story. First, we introduced a UX design that cohesively served client-based needs while also keeping the audience engaged with quality content.

Strong messaging paired with brand storytelling imagery kept the project balanced. This included:

  • Photography
  • Branded color palettes
  • Illustrations


To maintain the integrity of the product, we used an in-house innovation to add the final touches on their brand storytelling tool, a multifunctional design system. With the creation of a variety of brand touchpoints, our design system acted as a communication tool to feature Health In Motion Network™ advantages over the old way of doing things. Even more so, we created a first-person perspective for both businesses and their employees in terms of using the healthcare service model.

Keeping communication and messaging top-of-mind, we built a map to communicate their breadth of service. Today, it uses over 33,000 data points containing on-site care, urgent care, and pharmacy locations to access local healthcare. In other words, their model overlaps with existing systems to make healthcare easier to access and more affordable.

The illustration of Health In Motion Network™’s broad reach is a win for investors, too. The map shows perspective on our client’s success making the answer simple in terms of investing more.


Health In Motion Network Map iPad

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