Smoot Construction

Smoot Construction Case Study

About the project

We Created a New Look and Feel for this Columbus Construction Company

Smoot Construction needed a world-class website to accurately reflect their world-class construction projects. We combined web design and development to highlight recent projects and assist in the competitive bidding process.

What the Client Brought Us

Smoot Construction requested a website that could help them attract new talent. Their old website was fully functional and decently designed, but they felt it didn’t do their brand justice. Smoot Construction wanted a brand-new website that would make them look modern and attract the highly-qualified construction candidates they were looking for.

What We Accomplished through Website Design & Development

When we designed the new website for Smoot Construction, we broke ground, poured the foundation, and built an online presence that not only enhanced their brand, but displayed their capabilities in a big way. The bright colors, subtle animations, and use of white space really makes a professional statement.

Smoot (after)

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