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About the project


Westside Barbell was founded by the grandfather of powerlifting, Louie Simmons. They are an invitation only training laboratory where only the strongest of mind and body survive. Their goal is simple: to become the best and push every boundary known to man in doing so.

The lineage and achievements of all Westside Barbell athletes who have walked through their chalk covered doors is of legends. Their gym has broken over 140 world records, won Olympic gold, heavyweight world championships, to name but a few of their achievements.

Westside Barbell’s success in the powerlifting world garnered the attention of all professional sports and organizations. They have taught and continue to teach strength coaches from the NFL, MLB, NCAA, and the UFC, to name a few.

They came to Blue Laser Digital looking for digital marketing and website support to improve and grow their ecommerce sales.


Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM and PPC, Creative Direction, User Experience


Shopify, Klaviyo


HTML, Javascript

The Challenge

At the onset of our engagement with Westside Barbell, their immediate goal was to focus on expanding marketing efforts and building a reliable strategy that would effectively increase sales for the holiday season.


The Answer

We aimed to improve user experience by getting products in front of customers as early in their visit as possible. So, we designed and built a landing page to feature sales and products which we used to drive all Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday visitors to.

Our expertise provided the following solutions:

  • Black Friday landing page (second best tracked page behind home page)
  • Technical optimizations
  • Fixed GSC errors
  • Validated site schema markup fixes
  • Solved indexation issues

Westside Barbell Weights


The landing page, in tandem with our marketing strategies, assisted in huge sales increases for Black Friday and Cyber Monday compared to 2018.




Website Traffic:


Conversion Rate:


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