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What to Outsource to an Agency and What to Keep In House

It doesn’t matter if you have one person or an entire team handling your marketing, there are times where projects might need to be outsourced to an agency.

It’s not because you don’t have a great group; sometimes it’s a new field that your team doesn’t have a ton of experience in. Or, sometimes you just want to try something new. Either way, it’s a debate that all companies have from time to time.

But, how do you know when to keep a project/plan within your walls and when to pick up the phone to call in some outside expertise? Well, that depends on many factors, including what’s going on within your marketing team.

Read more about knowing when to outsource to an agency and when to keep in-house.

What’s Your Team’s Workload?

You guys might have a ton of projects going on and then BOOM, the higher-ups drop something new on you. Now, you’re trying to figure out if this new task is even possible and you know that the deadlines you have in place aren’t going to budge.

Agencies are great at coming in and getting up to speed quickly with instances like this. They can learn everything about your brand, lay out a strategy and pump out some great work. Agencies thrive on stress like this, so don’t ever think that you have the one project that can’t be done.

How Specialized is Your Team?

Like we said above, you might have a great team that cranks out great work. But then, you get word that you need to make a video. Well after a quick meeting, you find out that no one of your team really knows how to shoot and edit video.

That’s just one example of something you might need help with. Agency talent is more concentrated, they’ll have people who have single-focus jobs like strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, web developers and yes, videographers. One call to an agency will put you in contact with the right people who can get you the finished product that you need.

What’s Your Marketing Budget?

Some companies have budgets the size of Kansas so they can both have a team in-house and outsource specialized projects. But, not everyone has this luxury and in the end, numbers talk.

Take a look at everything holistically and see if you can afford to hire an agency. There are times where it might be more economically feasible to just plug away at it on your own. Or, the cost to train your team and get equipment might be way more expensive. Once you’ve done this bit of mathematical calculating, the answer becomes a little more clear.

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