Using Video in Your Digital Strategy
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Lights, Camera, Results: Using Video in Your Digital Strategy

Here’s a fun fact: Putting a video on a landing page for any platform can increase conversions by up to 80%. Here’s another: 90% of consumers claim a video will help them make a purchasing decision.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, video marketing can create serious results.

Video is one of the best ways to tell your brand’s story. Your audience will feel like they’re being directly spoken to and they’ll see how others interact with your product and service. Plus, almost all digital outlets have video playing capabilities, so you can make one video and put it across many channels.

Check out why using video in your digital strategy can reach your audience in all the right ways.

It’s Engaging

One of the biggest difficulties that come with any campaign is figuring out how you’ll engage your audience. But, with standard means of communication, there’s really only so far you can go before the audience has to use their own imagination to fill in the dots.

With video, you open a whole new world of fun. Your audience will see everything happening right in front of them. Plus, video capabilities are on almost every major platform, so your video can be seen through whatever channel your audience prefers.

It’s Informative

This product is great! First, you need to take Thing A and combine it with Thing B, then push Thing C and BAM: you have what you see in the photo. Or, we could just show you how things work in real-time.

Video marketing demonstrates exactly how the product or service works and how it will benefit you. Customers can see it and make more informed buying decisions.

It’s Not Reading

The average attention span of a person today is less than 9 seconds. The average attention of a goldfish: also nine seconds. We’re not making this up. Most people today are so inundated with content from every angle that they don’t really focus on anything, especially text.

They scroll through their social media feeds and only stop when they see a video or animation. With video marketing, you can catch their attention even when they’re at their most apathetic and keep them focused on your brand.

It’s Fun

Making a video isn’t just a blast for your audience, your team will have fun putting everything together. Coming up with the concept, writing the script, shooting everything, it gets you out away from your desk and sometimes out of the office.

Plus, if you’re also adding animations and special effects, you get to play around with those too. All of this creates an experience that’s enjoyed on both sides of the video.

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