Reach Your Audience Using Video Marketing
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5 Ways to Reach Your Audience Using Video Marketing

If you’re considering whether or not to utilize video marketing in your overall advertising, consider the following statistics:  not only did 83% of marketers say video boosted lead generation, but 87% also said video marketing increased their web traffic.

Video marketing has become a necessity for customer influence. It can help your audience engage with your product and brand all at once. Taking this approach builds community and the loyal customer base required to thrive. In addition to brand awareness, video content also adds impact to your testimonial and case study delivery.

This article highlights five ways video marketing enhances your overall marketing strategy.

The Impact of Video Marketing

Before understanding the impact video marketing has, let’s take a moment to define what it is:

Video marketing is an advertising approach that highlights your brand using uniquely created content that tells a compelling story.

Everyone loves a good story. Think about your favorite movies or books. The plots are pretty captivating, right?

The Harry Potter franchise is a prime example of an impactful story. When the books were released, people around the world were reading them. When the books took on the big screen, people lined up out the door to get a ticket. The story is universal and continues to influence our culture to this day. Because the plot is so relatable the movies developed an entire fan base of their own celebrating key dates in the storyline like Harry’s birthday and The Battle of Hogwarts (RIP Fred Weasley).

This is how video marketing works. With the right visual direction and strategy, this tool brings your brand’s story to life. Video content makes your brand relatable. Be it on social media, email, or your website, people are more likely to interact with video over written content. In other words, your story is easier to understand. Don’t just take our word for it, ask the 90% of consumers who say watching a video increased their likelihood of purchasing.

The value of video content is indisputable. But how can it help you reach your audience?

5 Ways to Reach Your Audience Using Video Marketing

Product and/or Service Videos

Video is an ideal way to promote your product. While there are several ways to use product videos in your advertising, the most successful methods portray the positive impact your product has on its users. In fact, some of our favorite product videos barely discuss the product at all. Check out Apple’s AirPods Pro video below:

The takeaway is simple. Anyone can produce headphones, but Apple’s noise cancelling technology takes the user into a world of their own. Use this ideology and implement it into your own marketing. How is your product better than the rest?

Where to Post Your Product Video

When in doubt, post your product video on social media. With a simple click, millions of people can engage with your brand on channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. If your eCommerce site is feeling dull, product videos can revitalize your conversion rate by establishing strong connections with potential buyers.

Brand Awareness Videos

Brand awareness videos add a special dynamic to branding campaigns. They help make some noise about how awesome your company really is. By incorporating this tool into your marketing strategy, you gain the platform you need to tell a relatable story. Branded videos can be 30 seconds or 2 minutes long, it all depends on what your goals are and how your audience consumes content. HINT: A longer video can always be shortened to fit different marketing niches.

Gillette showcases the integrity of their slogan, “The Best a Man Can Get” in the video below by challenging masculinity in today’s social climate.

Where to Post Your Brand Awareness Video

The cool thing about brand awareness videos is that they can be used in any area of your digital marketing. From social media to email marketing and of course on your website there is no “wrong” place to promote your brand, but there is an etiquette. Consider where you’re posting and how your audience will engage with the video before clicking that post button.

Event Promotion Videos

Videos add dimension to your event promotion. They can help market an upcoming company event be it a fundraiser, conference, or workshop. There are a number of approaches you can take when it comes to event promotion videos, but no matter how you’re advertising the event, video can increase the likelihood of more RSVPs and donations.

Remember to keep your event video captivating and include key details like the date, location, and any information on registering. Use the video below for inspiration:

Where to Post Your Event Promotion Video

The idea is to share an event promotion video before the actual event. Whether you’re spreading general awareness or tailoring the video to be a reminder for those who have registered, email is the perfect channel for this style of video. You can also use it on event sites like Eventbrite or social media.

Testimonial Videos

You can transform a client’s positive experience into marketing material with a testimonial video. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful tools when it comes to advertising your brand, which is why testimonial videos are essential in communicating why you’re the right choice for customers.

Testimonial videos can highlight someone’s experience using your product or working with your business as a whole. There’s nothing more rewarding than having a happy client share their experience with the world.

If you’re lacking testimonial videos in your marketing toolbox, consider how a branded testimonial can benefit your growth. Blue Laser is excited to introduce our new video service, BlueTube. BlueTube builds your brand in an exciting way that lets you create testimonials and personalize emails with video.

Where to Post Your Testimonial Video

Emails, social media, blogs, you name it. Testimonial videos can spice things up no matter where they’re used. The art is how they’re paired with sister content.

Think about an email campaign. You’re marketing a new service; the copy is written but something is missing. What better way to engage your audience than by sharing a video testimonial about that new service? That’s the trick of the trade my friends. If you’re ever feeling stuck about how or where to use a testimonial, we’re here to help.

Educational Videos

Educational videos serve as great top-of-funnel content for someone interested in what you offer, but maybe not so familiar with your brand. Use this as an “in” with potential customers and let your educational video be something they rely on time and time again. Tasty is famous for their how-to cooking videos. They built an entire name around simple cooking tips like boiling eggs and cooking pasta as the video below demonstrates:

Where to Post Your Educational Video

Consider what your audience wants when they’re viewing the educational or how-to video. Odds are they’re trying to figure out how to do a particular thing (like cook pasta). Think of educational videos as your wingman in winning the hearts of potential customers. Posting this genre of video on a blog or eNewsletter can act as an icebreaker for people wanting to learn more about your brand and why you’re the best at what you do.

Where There’s Video, There’s a Way

The way people interact with brands has changed drastically over the last few years alone. While some see video as another trend, you can’t deny just how essential video marketing is across all industries. People feel more connected to a story when they can see and hear the plot versus just reading about it. Using video solidifies the message you’re trying to communicate in any campaign, be it to promote a new product, event, or share a success story.

In short, the sooner you understand the value of video and the positive impact it has on your advertising the better.

Reach Your Audience with Video Marketing

We understand entering the world of video can come with a lot of questions. Blue Laser is here to offer personalized guidance on video use and your overall content strategy. If you’re interested in learning how video marketing can attract quality leads, contact us today.

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