Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Company Culture
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Why You Should Pay Attention to – and Improve – Your Company Culture

While our careers have always been part of our identities, in the past, most focused the majority of their time and energy on hobbies, family and free time. However, our careers are now part of what makes us who we are and, many feel, are a reflection of ourselves.

Whereas your job used to be something detached from your personal life – something that helped pay the bills but not much more – workers everywhere feel more and more connected to what they do, and they want their company’s values to align with their own. Young people want to work for companies that are philanthropic, whose products are made sustainably. They’re attracted to companies who have a strong tie to the community, and companies that they see making a difference.

They want to work for companies with a strong company culture.

Why It Matters

As an owner, executive-level employee or manager, you’re most likely being pulled in many different directions. You want to focus on making better numbers, growing your company and expanding the consumer base. Internal concerns may not seem as important or urgent. But if you ignore your company culture, you’re at risk of higher turnover and losing potential new employees to competitors.

Match Employees’ Identities

Many managers get stumped on how to encourage better productivity and motivation in the workplace. If you improve your company culture, and that company culture matches your employees’ values, they’re more likely to feel their work is important and making a difference. Even if your brand doesn’t deliver a life-changing product, you can support local charities, use company outings for volunteerism or partner with non-profits.

Retain and Attract Talent

Originally, providing health insurance and other such benefits was a way to attract talent and get ahead of the competition. Now that recruiting tactics of the past are standard, companies can get stumped on how to attract new talent and retain existing employees. Building a strong company culture is just one way you can show existing and potential employees that your company is a good fit for them. People want to work at a company where they feel comfortable, safe and supported; after all, they are spending about 40 hours each week there.

Strengthen Your Brand

There’s something special about that warm, local diner, where the same servers have gladly worked for more than a decade. They know your order as soon as you walk in and you come back time after time because you love the service, the meal will be just how you like it and you know everyone who works there is happy.

By creating a strong company culture, you can provide that same warm feeling to your own customers. Your product is reliable, your service is top notch and you know your customer will continue to come back for that experience. By showcasing your great company culture, it strengthens your brand, builds trust with your clients and makes them more likely to return. Who wants to support a restaurant where the employees are miserable and the food tastes different every time?

Building a Brand-appropriate Company Culture

Building a strong, brand-appropriate and supportive company culture can take time and effort. While at first it might seem to take valuable time and energy from your company and the evolution of your product, your company culture will help you keep valued employees, attract new talent and build a stronger audience.

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