If you work for—or with—a nonprofit organization, you’re there because you care. It’s your passion. Here at Blue Laser, we support and work with our nonprofit clients because we care, too. In fact, we’re all heart when it comes to the business of nonprofits.

Our Insights

Nonprofits need support, funding, awareness, volunteers, and—most importantly—results.

We get it.

Our team at Blue Laser is not only passionate about supporting our nonprofit clients, we make sure we get involved with them, too. Their cause becomes our cause. We have helped our nonprofit clients enhance their online presence with unique websites that increase the need for donations, volunteers and engagement, and a digital presence is one of the most effective ways to do so.

And we get that, too.

We also help our nonprofit clients navigate through a fairly new resource: Google Ad Grants.

A qualified nonprofit can receive up to $10,000 per month in credits to use for advertising on Google search. Nonprofits can use this money to attract donors, volunteers, market their business’ objectives and purpose, and also to attract people to their website.

Here at Blue Laser, we’re working to help our nonprofit clients understand the power of Google Ad Grants for their business, and we can also help them to manage the process. Management of these grants includes unlimited campaigns and advertisements.

Meaning, we can help nonprofits advertise as many services, events or programs as they want. And—as we’ve already mentioned—promoting and marketing your business is especially important right now. But budget constraints are the roadblock to getting your word out there. For nonprofits, Google Grants can help.



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Everyday, Blue Laser Digital works with businesses to create impact through best-in-class SEO, paid search, branding and user experience design, while developing websites and digital products that engage users.

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