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Grow Your Business: Email Marketing for Beginners

Whether you’re buying something in a store or online, in some way you’re asked to provide your email.

This isn’t just to send you birthday messages; companies use email as one of the digital channels to reach customers. They send coupons, sales messages, random giveaways and more to your mobile device at any time. It’s a quick, cost-effective tool that reaches you and is not intrusive or annoying.

Now, you might be thinking that only the big players have the knowledge/resources to run email campaigns to their customers. Wrong, a business of any size can run successful campaigns as long as they know what tools are available, how to lay out goals and what are the best practices.

Check out our Email Marketing for Beginners post to see how you can make email marketing work for you.

Collect Emails and Information

Again, this can be at the register, online or both. But, get more than the email; get their numbers, addresses, etc. You might we wondering why, and we’ll cover that as we go.

All of this information will help as you plan out your email campaigns.

Decide Which Tool You’ll Use

There are so many tools out there for both the experienced and beginner, each offering everything from pre-made templates to integration with other digital platforms. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Hubspot – Offers templates and real-time stats
  • MailChimp – Has templates and online customer support community/live chat

You’ll need to find the one that works best for you; luckily most of them offer free services. You upload all of the information from the previous section and continue on.

Lay Out Your Campaign(s)

What are you trying to get people to do? Is it a sale? Are you hoping for repeat business? Are you sending a satisfaction survey?

The list goes on as to why you might be taking on this campaign, but keep in mind that not all promos work for everyone. That’s why you need all the other information, so you can decide who’ll benefit from this sale. Segment your database based on the demographics you’re targeting and go.


Write out some killer content that you know will catch your audience’s attention. Then, it’s judgment day!

Get ready, set and send! A lot has gone into this point, but take a breathe and feel some of the weight fall off of your shoulders.

Track Your Results and Make Adjustments

These tools show you everything from open rates (who opened the email) to click-throughs (who clicked the link in the email).

This lets you see what worked and make adjustments (keywords, strategies) so you can have even better results the next time.

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