Why Call Tracking is Important
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Why Call Tracking is Important

It wasn’t long ago that people physically turned on a computer, searched for what they wanted and then dialed the number. Well, times have changed; today mobile is everything.

People use their portable devices to search, select and contact a business that suits their needs. So, businesses focus on forms of mobile advertising such as search engines, websites, social media and more. And, like any form of marketing, you want to know which works better than the others.

That’s why call tracking has become important. These companies can see which of those mobile ads caught someone’s attention and pushed them to make that initial contact.

In fact, call tracking has become so important that Google AdWords has added it to their bucket of features. Read below and learn why call tracking is important for your business.

You see who’s responding to what

When someone sees your ad, they can tap the number to call or send a message. This will give you a better picture of which ad caught their attention and pushed them to act.

Maybe that search engine ad you ran drove in a huge number of inquiries but the website ad didn’t. Or, maybe someone filled out a form or chatted online with a representative. Whatever it was, you can see it and act.

Tailor your campaigns/strategies

To continue from the previous point, you can make fast adjustments. Maybe you change your messaging to match the keywords in one campaign to more successful one. Or shift your strategy, like changing the frequency that some ads are seen.

You want to know that you’re getting better ROI from all your ads and not just chucking dollars towards something that you hope will work.

Continue to learn about your audiences

Someone contacts you, comes in, buys a product or service and leaves. You now have a golden opportunity to not only make them come back but see what you can do to get more people like that customer to reach out.

You can do a survey and not only figure out what customers like, but what makes them tick. Now, go back to the idea of tailoring your strategies and use this information when you start.

Ready to track calls and get more customers?

It’s time for you to use call tracking the right way. Contact us today so we can learn more about your business and take everything to the next level.

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