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What Factors Play Into the Cost of a Website Redesign?

Your website needs to be redesigned! There, we said it! Chances are it was built a few years ago when someone told you how important it was to have an internet presence.

Well, it’s time to give it an overhaul so it meets modern functionality. You know that this is going to cost you a few bones, but what price tag are you looking at?

Well, that depends; basic “look at me” sites can be free thanks to companies like But a solid site with great integrations can run you almost $100K.

Ok, that broad price range probably doesn’t help, so let’s look at what factors play into the cost of a website redesign.


What do you want your site to do? Maybe your goal is to get people to come into your business or contact you via phone, email or online chat. In this case, you won’t need extra plugins and you can keep your site simple.

On the other hand, you might need an eCommerce site where people can buy your products and you can process credit card transactions. For something like this, you will pay a little more so you can have the tools necessary for your business.


Will your site work in conjunction with other platforms? For instance, will you need an HR component where job candidates can apply for open positions?

Or, will you have an enterprise resource platform (ERP) so you can update inventory as needed. Will this be a separate site on its own? The more questions you say “yes” to, the more money you’ll spend is likely.


The more products and categories that you have, the more pages there’ll be.

Plus, you’ll need to make content for each of these pages including photos, copy and maybe more. We’ll go deeper into all of this in the next section.

Creative Assets

Building those assets takes time and costs money since you’ll need to hire people to do it. Plus, you want your site to be SEO friendly so internet searchers can find it. That will run you a little bit more as you pay for different SEO programs and plugins.

You’re making this for internet users so you want to make sure that people who are looking for your services find you first.

Internal Review Process

The more people that have to review everything, the more edits you might get. That’s more time making changes, which translates into more labor.

To cut down on this, agree to certain styles ahead of time, that way there’s less confusion later.

How Long You Wait

We’ve helped many businesses like yours build a website that meets your goals and stays within your budget. Reach out to us today and see what we can do for your site.

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