Understanding Your Social Media Stats
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What Goes Into Understanding Your Social Stats?

Marketing is all about reading and reacting, and social media is no different. Picking out your topics, laying out your content calendar, creating the content and executing it on your different outlets is only half of the battle.

Now, you’ll need to check your insights, document the data and make adjustments as needed. Good marketers do this with any form of communication that they use with their audiences.

So, how often do you need to check your stats? And which ones do you need to look for to measure effectiveness? Read more and see what goes into understanding your social media insights.

What Metrics Are You Looking For?

Before everything, set your goals for your campaigns. Decide what you want to get out of it, then execute. Once you’ve done that, look at your reach (number of people who’ve seen it) and your number of impressions (how many times your content is displayed).

Then look at your likes, shares, comments and so on. See how your audience is interacting with your content by liking your posts, sharing/retweeting and commenting on them. You can then respond directly and create a personal relationship with your audience.

When and How Often Do You Need to Check?

That depends on the platform. Instagram and Twitter need to be checked each week since you can post multiple times and not overload the viewer. Facebook only lets you see data in 28 day periods, so you’ll want to plan accordingly. Other platforms, your best bet is to check one or two times a month. The benefit of checking twice is that you can make minor adjustments if you want to improve your results.

As for the tools you can use, there’s the paid route and the free route. Sprout Social is a good software that you can buy; it allows you to plug in all of your accounts and then generate reports. If you want to do everything yourself, you can see your stats on each platform’s analytics page and then plug everything into either Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

What if You’re An E-Commerce site?

If you are an e-commerce site, you get a chance to see your overall return on investment (ROI) in one sitting. While other businesses have to figure out how to take their stats and convert them to sales, you can see traffic come in and what their journey is as they become actual sales.

You’ll want to check on your conversions (people who come to your site via an email or digital ad) and look at the overall customer journey. If you see all the places that a customer visits on your site, you can set up different promos in the future and sell more items.

What Do You Do Next?

You contact Blue Laser Digital so you can have the right agency on your side. Reach out to us so we can help you set up your social media pages, analyze the results and get the ROI that you want.

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