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What Are Some of Our Favorite Marketing Tools?

We love what we do at Blue Laser. We get excited knowing that each client is different and needs a specific strategy to accomplish their marketing goals. It’s a job that most people only dream about.

To do this job, we need to make sure that we have the tools. And since we’ve been doing this for so long, we know which tools are our favorite.

Our clients have their favorite too, at least the happy looks on their faces make us believe so. Check out some of our favorite digital marketing tools.

Social Media


This tool has paid and unpaid options. With the free option, you can choose to manage up to three platforms while the paid option allows you to manage more. What makes this tool unique is the suggested times to schedule your posts each day and the capability to schedule posts weeks in advance, including Instagram.

But, the paid version allows you to see the analytics of your post on your account page. The unpaid version doesn’t, but you can still see the analytics by checking on each individual platform.


This nifty little tool within Twitter allows you to schedule posts ahead of time and track specific hashtags, keywords, mentions or accounts.

Facebook Business Manager

This helps companies manage and organize their Facebook pages and advertising accounts. It also helps you out with pixel options so you know that you’re picking images that fit your pages right.



On top of being able to do extensive SEO keyword research with this, you can see what links your competitors have that you don’t. It helps with both your link building and content strategies.


This all-in-one tool has two great gadgets to help with your SEO strategy: Moz Local and Moz On-Demand crawl.

Moz Local lets you manage a business’s local listings across several online directories, which saves you time when you need to update any information. On-Demand crawl scans your entire website, tells you what issues it detects and suggests how to correct them.



Good old Google comes through when it comes to pay-per-click. Google Ads has tools built into it to track your PPCs, but there are two gizmos within the tool that help with your keyword research for future ads: Google Trends and Google Ads Keyword Planner.

We can’t share all of our secrets!

While we gave you a quick glimpse of what’s in our toolbelt, we didn’t show you everything we use! Contact us today so you can see what else Blue Laser has up their sleeves and how we can help you build the right strategy.

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