Blue Laser Design Is Now Blue Laser Digital
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Blue Laser Design Is Now Blue Laser Digital

What’s in a name? In short: everything. Recently we went through a brand overhaul, with the intent of bringing BLD to the forefront of the digital scene in the Columbus, Ohio area. Our goal was to showcase our ever-expanding digital marketing department while still highlighting the core of what built BLD, web design and development. What started as a search for a unique, modern name, ended with a complete brand revival including a new name, logo, color palette, website, and most importantly, a new outlook on our future. Welcome to the future of digital marketing and web design in Columbus, Ohio. Welcome to Blue Laser Digital: Digital Done Differently.

Why We Did It

After 18 years as Blue Laser Design, we were ready to take the risk and jump head-first into new and unfamiliar territory. While we had always been very strong in web design & development, we saw the challenge to enter the digital marketing landscape as one we were ready to undertake. Over the past few years, our team of fearless leaders have been building their dream team of digital marketers, including SEO, PPC, and Social Media experts. With the combined teams of web design and digital marketing in our arsenal, it made sense to give our brand a refresh to accurately reflect our wide range of talents. As our owners, Brad and Kimberly Ness put it, “This industry moves at a rapid pace. If you aren’t updating and working hard on your own brand, you will become obsolete.” This became our rallying cry during the normal stresses of our evolution.

How We Did It

With a combination of blood, sweat and tears (ok, maybe not blood), we made a complete brand transformation. It started as all good things do: as an idea. A small spark that lit the fuse that would become Blue Laser Digital. We started with a branding exercise to determine who we had been in the past, who we were at the present time, and who we wanted to be in the future. From those meetings came the idea for the name “Blue Laser Digital,” and everything else followed suit. After the finalization of our new brand, we had our talented designers work on logo concepts and color palettes that reflected our vision of the future. Once we had the look and feel of our new brand solidified, we moved on to the web design and development phase. This is where the brand was to fully come alive! With a combination of captivating design, noteworthy copy, and unique functionality, Blue Laser Digital was close to being fully realized. After the minor tweaks that come with all major re-branding efforts, the new BLD was unveiled on September 4th, 2018, after over a decade as Blue Laser Design.

Your name defines you. It says who you are, what you stand for, and where you are going. With our recent change to Blue Laser Digital, we aim to be at the forefront of the digital marketing, web design, and development scene for Columbus, Ohio. We started in 2000 on a mission to help businesses grow through digital channels. While our brand has gone through an update, that mission remains constant. Welcome to Blue Laser Digital: Digital Done Differently.

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