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How Evolutionary Web Design Can Help Your Business Take Off

Here’s the way it’s always been done: You build a website for your business in that moment. You spend hours working with your designer, making every detail perfect. The website performs well and brings in new clients, but plateaus after a little while. Then, in a few years, you realize the website needs to be redone. You start the process all over again, spending all that time and money only for the cycle to repeat.

What if you could break the continuous cycle of building your website, only to scrap it and create it from the ground up again after a few years?

Evolutionary Web Design is the Answer

Evolutionary Web Design is a new way of creating a website. Rather than thinking about your business in a frozen point in time – right now – websites built on the Evolutionary Web Design foundation have already taken into account the future of your business. You and your agency will work together not just to think about your business now, but to think about your business dynamically. You’re not just creating a website for your clients tomorrow, you’re creating a website foundation that will serve your business for years to come.

By changing how we think about website development, you can create a site that stays relevant to your business and evolves as your business and clients evolve. We’ll take you step by step through how to make the switch in a future blog.

The Benefits of the Evolutionary Design Model

Evolutionary Web Design is an approach to website design and development that gets brands online quickly with an iterative push to add features and content on a regular basis. Future site additions are informed by data as well as insights from management.

Speed to Market

The first steps of the Evolutionary Web Design model include building not an entire website in one go but creating a foundation from which to build off of. That foundation will be broad enough to be expanded upon for years to come, but specific enough to capture the audience you’re looking for. That means the foundation is quicker to start, quicker to finish and quicker to market.

Stays Fresh for Years

We’re not building a complete website only for it to go stale. We’re building a structure that continues to capture the audience as it grows with your business. Most websites don’t transform, thrive and evolve with your business, and that’s why they fail and need to be redone after a few years. Websites built on the Evolutionary Web Design model can be continuously and easily updated so when your business branches in a new direction and needs to reach a new audience, your website can, too.

Data Informs Design

In the traditional model, the design is informed by just a little piece of data. Your clientele, your business model up to that point, is reflected in the design. Unlike the data, however, the website stops changing, growing and innovating. Websites built on an Evolutionary Web Design foundation, on the other hand, changes regularly and is a powerful tool to keeping your online presence current. Does your data say your audience is interested in something new? Can you deliver it? Your website can be quickly updated, converting that new audience with ease.

Evolve with Blue Laser Digital

Our team of design, marketing and development experts can help you create a dynamic and continuously growing website built on the Evolutionary Web Design model. By moving from traditional design to Evolutionary Web Design, you know that your digital home is always fresh and current.

Just imagine: in a few years, you won’t have to completely scrap a dated website but can stay future-focused! Contact us today, we’ll help bring your business into the future.

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