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Client Profile & Case Study – Penn Power Group

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Blue Laser Digital speaks with Stephanie Lanzilotta, marketing manager, Penn Power Group, about our working partnership and how we’ve helped their fleet service and truck repair business with an effective SEO strategy.

Penn Power Group provides a vast array of world-class products and services—such as parts, sales and service support—for fleet services, Carrier Transicold transport refrigeration products, Detroit Diesel and Allison Transmissions, plus a complete line of new and remanufactured commercial vehicle drive train components. Their off-highway business group provides maximum transmission unit engines and service support for the construction, mining, forestry and oil/gas industries.

As Blue Laser was tapped to help Penn Power Group with their digital marketing efforts, a unique and strategic approach was required.

“Blue Laser did an audit of our website and our online presence. After we saw their capabilities, we realized we needed more help with effectively reaching our customers,” says Lanzilotta.

“They also improved Google analytics, optimized paid search ads and helped us with our social media strategy.”

“We jumped right in and dug deeper. After conducting an SEO audit, one of the biggest issues we discovered was that a lot of the content on Penn Power Group’s website was internal language and not customer-facing,” said Brad Ness, president and owner of Blue Laser.

Meaning, the language was intuitive to them, but may not necessarily be intuitive to the user, Ness explained.

Blue Laser also helped Penn Power Group align their Google Search Ads within the areas they serve; setting them up by location and speaking directly to the customers in those areas.

Blue Laser Digital SEO Audits

“It helped to put us in front of the customers we want to get into our shops,” says Lanzilotta.

She goes on to explain that Penn Power Group’s online impressions have now increased from 200,000 to 400,000.

“It’s working better than I had hoped,” she says.

Furthermore, Blue Laser was excited to assist them with their social media strategy, working to write, create and design posts that are signature to their business and addressing issues related to their customers.

Ness goes on to say that it’s been an exciting partnership where the learning experience has taken place on “both sides.”

“I learned more about fleet vehicles—and all of the pieces and parts that go into them—than I ever thought I would!” says Ness.

“It’s been an exciting and educational experience.”

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