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Broadstreet Partners Case Study

About the project

New Year, New Look

Broadstreet Partners approached us near the end of 2018 with a New Year’s Resolution: to buy a brand-new website. As an elite insurance brokerage, they needed a modern website that reflected their exclusive brand. We were able to quickly design and develop a new site for them, and it went live in March! Resolution complete.

What the Client Brought Us

BroadStreet Partners came to us with a basic website that featured an unresponsive design. It lacked color, visuals, strong headings, and a good user experience on mobile and tablet devices. BroadStreet Partners is a nationally ranked top 15 insurance brokerage, but their website made them look like a startup. They knew their website was holding them back from attracting more insurance agency partners, so they decided to do something about it.

What We Accomplished through Website Design & Development

Sleek. Upscale. Exclusive. These were the guidelines we used to design and develop BroadStreet Partners’ new website and enhance the brand they had created for themselves. The imagery we chose represents the security, wisdom and support that BroadStreet Partners offers their agencies. The blues and other colors we employed invoke trust, knowledge, and a sense of confidence, leaving the visitor with a sense that BroadStreet Partners is a brokerage they can trust.

Broadstreet Partners (after)

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