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Tunes in the Office: The Best Music for Creativity and Focus

A large number of employees have their headphones on as they work, listening to anything that entertains them and keeps them productive. Plus, it makes their workday go faster.

For 94% of all employees, they’re listening to music. That’s right, tunes at work have become as common as laptops and chairs. Some listen to drown out other sounds, others listen for inspiration.

But, what if you’re in an office where employees are not allowed to wear headphones and you, the boss, have to pick the music? How do you know which music will entertain and not subtly distract everyone? Below are some examples of the type of music your office can play to increase focus and productivity.

What Music Helps Productivity?

Fans of Journey, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Britney Spears (just to name a few) can rejoice! Studies have shown that these types (below in order) of music boost productivity:

  • Classic rock
  • Alternative
  • Pop

That variety covers a large area of different artists. So, you can pick a station that rotates between those genres and give everyone a set of tunes to enjoy.

What Music Hinders Productivity?(s)

While some people are happy with these results, those who enjoy bumping away at Eminem, Metallica, The Chainsmokers and Shania Twain (again just to name a few) won’t be. The same studies showed that these types of music (below in order) can decrease productivity:

  • Hip-hop
  • Heavy metal
  • Electronic dance music
  • Country

Which Type of Music is Best for Your Office?

Well, that depends; you want to find something that fits the overall personality of your office and matches your brand.

Just like how we talked about picking the right colors for your company brand, you want music that does the same. It needs to match how you want to be viewed and the feeling you’re trying to give off to new and existing customers.

We Can Help You Choose the Right Music at Work

It’s amazing how all of this ties together. Let’s talk, we can help you figure out which music works best for you and how we can tie it to your brand. Drop us a line, we’re listening.

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