What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the heart and soul of your brand. If your website is the engine of your brand, social media is the gasoline. While SEO and PPC get relevant users in the Columbus, Ohio area to your site, social media tells your story. After all, what is a great business without a story? People want to know who you are, and social media marketing answers that question. Social media marketing includes:

  • Ads (for website traffic)
  • Audience Building (likes, followers etc.)
  • Content Posting
  • Social Listening (reviews, comments etc.)

Why do I need Social Media Marketing?

What’s new with your business? How do you interact with your local community? What does your brand stand for? Social media answers all these questions. You aren’t able to tell your entire story through your website, which is where social media steps in. Customers care about who you are. Give your brand life by creating a unique and authentic voice.

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing can accomplish a multitude of goals:

  • Drive website traffic and sales through ads
  • Build your following through ads
  • Give your brand life through posting
  • Interact with your fans through comments and messages

Each facet of social media requires a different strategy, just like PPC and SEO. We tailor our strategy to your goals. Let’s talk and build something amazing together.

Social Media in Action

Surplus World

All Army surplus stores are the same, right? Wrong. Surplus World has a clean and organized retail floor, as well as a fully-functioning online store. Their goal? To show the world why they are different. We took their Facebook page from a mere 200 fans to over 20,000 military and outdoor minded supporters through detailed Facebook advertising and content marketing.

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Social Media in Action