One Spicy Meatball of an e-Commerce Solution

What does the longest-running Italian market in Columbus do when they need a new website? They come to one of the longest-running digital marketing agencies in Columbus, of course!

  • Website Design
  • Website Development

What the Client Brought Us

Carfagna’s came to us with an outdated and unresponsive website that had limited e-commerce capabilities. They wanted a new website to showcase their long-running brand and make it easier for customers to purchase their highly sought after Italian meats, fish, prepared foods, and other specialty items.

What We Accomplished through Website Design & Development

We designed an authentic Italian website for Carfagna’s and marinated it in delicious, modern technology. Through website design and development, we achieved the look and feel they’ve always wanted for their website. We also made their online store easier to use with a better e-commerce platform. By making their entire site more attractive and easier to use, we’ve made customers much more likely to return for second helpings.