We Have a Free Website Winner!

#Beyond BLD Blue Laser Digital on February 21, 2019

Columbus, Ohio is where we started Blue Laser Digital almost 20 years ago, and we’ve been working with local nonprofits from the very start. Nonprofits contribute so much to the Columbus community, so we decided it was time to give back. This winter, we announced we would be doing a FREE website giveaway promotion for one lucky nonprofit. The giveaway includes:

  • A website with up to 15 pages
  • Basic SEO
  • Brand strategy
  • Design & development

Now, we’re excited to announce that we finally have a winner! Drum roll, please! Our winner is EJ’s Warriors Karate Academy Inc.

Meet Our Winners: EJ’s Warriors Karate Academy Inc.

EJ’s Warriors Karate Academy Inc.

Founded in 2013, EJ’s Warriors Karate Academy Inc. is a nonprofit karate dojo that teaches self-defense to children and young adults in the Columbus, Ohio area. The dojo operates out of The BEST School, next to Saunders Park in the Near East. Warriors Karate Academy is owned and operated by Ellis Jennings Jr.

Sensei EJ teaches his students karate and the virtues of Bushido—the Way of the Warrior. These virtues include character, confidence, self-respect, discipline, honor, benevolence, justice and courage. EJ states that his students come from every walk of life, from inner city to the suburbs, but the common thread among each is the desire to do better for themselves and their families. They understand that in order to help another person, they themselves must be in a position to assist physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially.

The students at EJ’s Warriors Karate Academy compete in local karate competitions like the Arnold Sports Festival. EJ’s students also competed in the USA National Karate and Taekwondo Championships in Salt Lake City and Reno last year. They were featured on NBC4 Columbus last June. Check them out!

Blue Laser Digital Website Design & Development Services

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Web Development

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Be Our Next Winner!

We are proud to help EJ’s Warriors Karate Academy revamp their website and further establish their presence in the Columbus, Ohio area.

And your nonprofit could be next!

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