How To Change Your Facebook Page Username
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How To Change Your Facebook Page Username

Your Facebook business page should accurately reflect your business, acting as another tool for your customers to interact with and learn more about your brand.

But what happens if you decide to change your business’ name? Or, what if you want to divide your existing Facebook page into several more specific pages to reflect divisions of your company?

Luckily, you don’t have to delete your existing page and start from scratch. Facebook makes it easy to change your username. In this blog, Blue Laser Digital takes you step by step through the process of changing your Facebook page username.

Changing Your Facebook Username

1. Log In to Your Personal Facebook Account

First, you’ll need to log in to a personal Facebook account that has admin access to the page you want to update. If you do not have access to a Facebook account with admin access, you won’t be able to change your business page username.

How To Change Your Facebook Page Username

2. Navigate to the “About” section

Navigate to your business page. In the blue bar on the top of your screen, you’ll see a down-pointing arrow on the far right. Click the arrow, then click on the business page you’d like to change. Next, in the navigation pane on the far left of your screen, click the “About” section.

Changing Your Facebook Username

3. Edit Your Username

Once the “About” page loads, you’ll see the “GENERAL” section under the title “About.” Before moving on, make sure pop-ups are enabled in your browser, as the next window will appear in a pop-up. Click the blue “Edit” button to the right of your Facebook page’s existing name.

Changing Your Facebook Username yourself

4. Add the New Information

In the pop-up that appears, add your desired new username in the field labeled “New Page name.” Confirm everything is correctly spelled and the name is exactly how you want it, with correct upper and lower cases. Then, click the blue “Continue” button in the bottom right corner of the pop-up. If you’re creating a page for the first time, the field will be labeled “Username,” and you’ll click a blue button that says “Create Username.” Voila! You’ve changed your Facebook username.

How To Change Your Facebook Page Username

What Am I Allowed to Include in My New Username?

Facebook has certain restrictions on business page usernames, so if your new username is being rejected or isn’t updating, make sure the following guidelines are met:

  • Your username is unique. No two Facebook usernames can be the same, so if your business shares a name with another Facebook business, you’ll have to come up with something similar enough for your customers to find you, but different enough to be unique.
  • Your username doesn’t contain restricted characters. Your username can only contain alphanumeric characters – letters A through Z, numbers 1 through 9 – as well as periods (“.”). Your username cannot contain generic terms, extensions like “.com” or “.net,” or special characters like emojis.
  • You’re not using periods and capitalization changes to differentiate your username. For example, Facebook considers johnsmith55, John.Smith55 and john.smith.55 to be the same username.
  • Your username isn’t impersonating another person or business. Make sure the username you choose is your business name. If you use the name of a person or business that doesn’t belong to you, your page may be removed by Facebook.
  • Your username doesn’t break any Facebook rules. Facebook maintains specific Terms of Service that you and your Facebook business page must adhere to.

Are You Sure You’re an Admin?

If the business name you’re hoping to change isn’t showing up when you press the dark blue arrow at the top right of your screen, or if Facebook isn’t letting you edit your business username, you may not be an admin. In order to be added as an admin, an existing admin must give you access.

If you’ve recently created several new Facebook business pages, Facebook may not let you edit or create a new page for an amount of time. If your Facebook business page isn’t showing up altogether, your page may have been removed by Facebook due to inactivity.

Stumped? Let’s Talk.

If you’re having trouble changing your Facebook username, you can’t find your business page or you’re not sure whether you’re an admin, the experts at Blue Laser Digital can help solve the problem. We have years of experience managing Facebook business pages for our clients and can get your Facebook business page back on the right track.

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